Connector Hardware

MacLean Power Systems offers a wide range of connectors to meet the varied needs of utility customers. Conductor products are available for use on a range of materials, including Aluminum, Copper, Steel and more.

Whether you need a product for splicing, dead-ending, or tapping, Maclean Power Systems offers the solutions to fit your need.

Automatic Connectors

ACSR Connector Features


Outside Inside

For use on aluminum based conductors #4 through #795. CRS automatic connectors feature a patented pop-up tab to provide immediate visual and tactile confirmation of a complete insertion.

Full tension class A connector per ANSI C119.4

Visual & Tactile Verification:

Each tab independently indicates a secure connection for each side of the connector.

Connector Tab Activation Side


For use with copper-based conductors. Splices, dead-ends and reducer options available. See below for approved conductors:

  • Solid Copper
  • Stranded Copper
  • Copperweld


For use with stranded steel guy wire. There are two grades offered to cover the most common applications.

  • Universal:Extra High Strength (EHS) and Alumoweld
  • All Grade:High strength, Siemens-Martin, Common grade & Utility grade

Bolted Connectors

Bolted connectors provide reliable solutions for other minimum tension applications.

Connector Videos

CRS Automatic Connector Overview
Automatic Connector Installation Instructions with Captions (NO SOUND)
A look inside Automatic Connectors

Custom Solutions.Complete Solutions.

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